Menu tray

Transparent lid
Large chamber for e.g. main dishes
Durable menu tray from sustainable production – 100% BPA-free plastic
Small chamber for side dishes and sauces
Subdivision to separate the main course, side dishes and sauces
Connecting groove – Fits perfectly to the dividing web of the lower shell

Menu tray rectangular with lid

Set of 20


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2/3 to 1/3 split tray, perfect for out of home menus
and multi-part dishes.
The subdivision allows the main course to be separated from the side dishes and
sauces are separated.

Volume: 1250 ml
Dimension: Length: 23.0 cm | Width: 12.0 cm | Height: 4.7 cm

Dimensions without lid


– 2/3 to 1/3 division
– Suitable for cleaning in commercial dishwashers
– Microwaves suitable
– Suitable for the refrigerator and freezer up to – 25°C
– Stackable – tray on lid
– Food safe
– 100% BPA free plastic
– Made in Germany – Solingen

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