Innovation Award for Sustainable Reusable System

Family business from Solingen convinces with innovation and receives the innovation award “Rheinland genial”.

Since 2020, the association Metropolregion Rheinland e.V. has been presenting the award to companies, organizations and institutions that distinguish themselves through special products, services, technologies, services and other inventions. The award was presented to the winners on 21.06.2021 in the Alte Maschinenhalle in Solingen.

Solingen’s Lord Mayor Tim Kurzbach, Kirsten Jahn (Spokesperson for the Management Board of the Rhineland Metropolitan Region) and Frank Balkenhol (Managing Director of solingen Economic Development and Solingen Start-up and Technology Centre) presented the awards to the winners. Already in January of this year, six Solingen companies and institutions were awarded. Now creative and innovative minds from Solingen have once again been able to convince the Rhineland metropolitan region. 4 companies were awarded, including Sedullat GmbH for the sustainable deposit system for reusable packaging for the catering industry.

Solingen’s Lord Mayor Tim Kurzbach, Deputy Chairman of the Association, was pleased about the award winners from Solingen: “Sustainability is a central topic in Solingen and covers all areas of life. The award-winning companies are an exemplary example of the innovative power that lies in driving forward precisely the changes that will permanently change our city and our world and thus lead them into the future. They stand for the fact that companies not only think economically, but also take responsibility.”

(from left): Kirsten Jahn (Spokesperson of the Management Board of the Rhineland Metropolitan Region), Marlon Brückmann and Mr. Giuseppe Ciolino (both Sedullat GmbH), Solingen's Lord Mayor Tim Kurzbach and Max Taha ("DishCircle" by Sedullat) Photo: ©️ Bastian Glumm

Frank Balkenhol, Managing Director of the Solingen Economic Development Agency and the Solingen Start-up and Technology Centre (GuT), was also enthusiastic: “The ten awards that have already been presented to Solingen entrepreneurs this year show how much inventive spirit and inventiveness is at home in our city. And I think that we can introduce many more companies to the Innovation Award.”

More about the DishCircle system from Sedullat

Sedullat GmbH receives the Innovation Award for its sustainable and user-friendly reusable system DishCircle, for every type of gastronomy in the to-go business. The DishCircle containers are 100% Made in Solingen! After completion of the life cycle, i.e. about 500 uses, the restaurateurs send the containers that are no longer usable back to Sedullat GmbH, which then processes the DishCircles at the plant in Solingen back into new granulate. To complete the cycle, a certain percentage of the granules obtained are used for the production of new DishCircle containers. The granules, which can no longer be used for the production of containers, are then used for other products, such as plastic door handles.

In the association Metropolregion Rheinland e. V., actors from districts and independent cities, the chambers of industry and commerce as well as crafts, the Aachen city region and the Landschaftsverband Rheinland cooperate to improve their inter-municipal and regional cooperation. By bundling interests and joint activities, the Rhineland is to be increasingly perceived as a coherent economic and living space and grow into a metropolitan region of European importance.

One of the measures is the “RHEINLAND GENIAL” innovation prize, which has been awarded since 2020 under the umbrella of the “We reinvent Germany” campaign. “The Rhineland is undoubtedly one of the most innovative locations in Europe,” the managing directors Kirsten Jahn and Ulla Thönnissen are convinced. “This is where people invent, reorganize and constantly research. With our award, we want to make the potential and inventiveness in the region visible and support the external image of the award-winning companies.” The prize is awarded to companies and organizations that “rethink” products or services in a particularly innovative way – in a variety of areas such as the environment, technology, service and social affairs.

Sedullat GmbH

In a circular economic cycle, the substances used remain in a material cycle beyond the life cycle of goods. Waste, emissions, dissipative losses and thus also the extraction of raw materials from the environment should be reduced as far as possible. With DishCircle, Sedullat GmbH, a partner in the field of non-food for gastronomy for more than 40 years, fulfils this in almost all respects. The starting material is of very high quality and therefore it can be granulated again after its life cycle without hesitation and re-fed into the production process in a certain ratio. From the production of reusable packaging in Solingen to the recycling of the containers, after more than 500 rinses, in new DishCircle reusable packaging, the deposit system is maximally sustainable

Designed. It is important to Sedullat GmbH that not only the deposit system but also the manufacturing process and recycling are designed to be sustainable, the more resource-saving as possible. That’s why everything at DishCircle is from a single source: Production in Solingen with pollutant-free PPC material (free of BPA) of high quality. Therefore, all containers and lids are suitable for the microwave, for example. The containers can be printed with the customer logo up to 4 colors, or alternatively a finishing with customer logo as a relief can be done. After the life cycle of at least 500 rinses, or when a reusable container is no longer attractive, the DishCircle container is taken back and processed back into granulate at the plant in Solingen. New DishCircle containers are then produced from the granulate obtained. 100%

Made in Solingen – hence short transport routes and savings of CO2, water, greenhouse gases and raw materials. The customers of Sedullat GmbH are also offered a cutlery set, consisting of metal cutlery (knife, fork and napkin), which can be reused.

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